24*7 Facility

Casualty department 

Our casualty department is operated 24 hours with the help of the paramedical team and medical officers. All kinds of emergencies are attended by experienced doctors if the need arises. Our accidental care receives distinct attention round the clock. 

Out-Patient department 

In our Out-Patient services, patients are allowed to see the doctors in the working hours except on Sundays. Patients can also make appointments prior to the visit to ensure the convenience of them. 

Equipped operation theatres 

In our hospital, we will have well-equipped operation theatres. Any forms, including major and minor surgery procedures, are performed by the concerned department surgeons. Joint replacement procedures are often done in our hospital. 

Other facilities 

  • 24 Hours pharmacy with well-stocked pharmaceutical services. If any medicine is unavailable at the time, it is promptly made available. 
  • Ambulance services are provided all over the day. Our ambulance vehicle is equipped with ventilators in order to handle emergencies. It will be accompanied by any doctors when there is an emergency. 
  • In Allexia hospital, there is an efficient and hygienic canteen which is handled by supervisors. Attenders can also make use of our canteen. 
  • We have special spaces for feeding their babies. Having color television with 24 hours of Tata sky connection to ensure entertainment. 
  • Housekeeping services are provided all over the day.

Commitment to patient care 

Allexia hospital is committed to be recognized like the best healthcare organization, and we are preferred to be the choice of every patient. We are investing our energy and time to deliver the best patient care. When excellence in healthcare is based on the infrastructure and medical team, Allexia hospital supports this belief by having the following, 

  • Specialized and experienced doctors and surgeons 
  • Well trained supporting staffs 
  • State of the art equipment 
  • Sites with patient care modules