If you are a patient who requests to stay at a hospital for a longer time, you can’t stay at homestays, apartments, and rental homes near the hospital. Allexia understands the importance and needs of patients who wish to stay in hospitals from different countries and states.

That is why; we are connected and situated in the center of the city where you can find comfortable transportation at a shorter distance. Keeping in mind, our management offers budget-friendly accommodation for the patients.

To ensure you have suitable accommodation, we help you to choose the right homestays for the patients! You will find budget-friendly to luxury options to meet your accommodation requirements.

Accommodation Services Available At The Hospital

At a short distance from our hospital, you will find luxury and comfortable homestays hotels for the patients from different states for the treatment. Most of our accommodations are designed to offer comfy stay for the patients.

All the rooms are ventilated and air-conditioned for the patients and also for the guests who come with the patients. We are proud to arrange 24/7 Food & Beverage services for the patients. With the help of housekeeping services, you can get proper meals on time.

Most of the rooms have higher warmth and designed with a modest class, and so you can get pleasure from peaceful surroundings.

All patient rooms are dirt free and cleaned regularly. We are arranging experienced nutritionists who help you cook the food under hygienic conditions, and they help to maintain the nutrients of the food. We also arrange to customize food to the patients according to their choice.

If you are not satisfied with the rooms, you can change and choose the best guest-hosting facilities in nearby areas. You have extensive options to choose from since more and more rooms are just a few miles away from the hospital!!