Admission Procedure

Welcome to Allexia hospital. This hospital is one of the best healthcare organization which caters to the services and specialties of Cardiology, Neurology, orthopedic, gastroenterology, urology, and more general services. 

Pre-admission procedure

  • Patients need to be reported to the hospital’s reception. 
  • The executives at the front desk will be enquiring about the problem of the patient. 
  • Then they refer them to the concerned doctor or to the department. 
  • The concerned doctor investigates the case history of the patient. 
  • Patients will be advised to get their admission if required. They will be given the date of admission and form to be filled for formalities. 
  • The patients need to counseled by the executives before admission about the treatment package, 
    • Average stay length 
    • Variety of payment mode 
    • Estimated bill amount 
    • Documents submitted before admission

During the stay days 

  • If the patient arrives at the ward, the staff will orientate them to the ward. They will be monitored by ward doctors. 
  • During the stay, they will be attended by the medical specialists. Every care is taken regarding the treatment, meals, recovery, and dress. 
  • The daily routine might include medication, meals, bedtime visiting hours, ward rounds by the doctors. This routine will vary since x-ray, lab tests, and some other procedures will take place if required. 
  • The medical records and other related information of the patient are very confidential. 
  • Our utmost concern will be the wellbeing of our patients. If they leave the ward, the patients are provided with the discharge summary. 

Follow-up appointment and care 

  • The patient is handed over with the discharge summary reports in detail before they are leaving the ward. It includes the advice of the doctor on their further check-up and follow-up treatment procedures, diet details on their daily routine, and some medical prescriptions. 
  • The patients will be given an appointment by the doctors at the outpatient clinic. Patients can feel free to contact the concerned doctor.