At Allexia hospital, the Department of Anesthesiology offers dedicated care of anesthesia for the entire range of surgical services such as Neurology, Urology, Gastroenterology, and some general surgery. We are providing effective and safe care of the high order. Our mission is to deliver compassionate health care of international standards. 

Medical conditions 

This department in Allexia hospital is taking pride in having excellent facilities with some advanced technology in order to aid in the execution of the difficult procedure. A wide range of anesthesia might impact the nervous system of humans in a different way.

Our doctors are experts in assessing the medical readiness of our patients for the surgery. We are making the best effort to offer continual assessment for the patients and aids in controlling the pain. The state of the art equipment and services of ours including, 

  • Advanced modular operating rooms 
  • Having an advanced monitoring system 
  • Post-anaesthesia care unit 
  • Pre-assessment clinic
  • Specialized anesthesia workstation along with monitoring 

Procedures and treatments 

The anesthesiology department of Allexia hospital maintains a significant level of professionalism. Our pre-assessment clinic helps in conducting an evaluation of each and every patient for the surgery procedure.

The experts will involve in the evaluation process. It includes a complete medical history of patients, current health status, planned surgery procedure, and its outcome. This analysis will be helping the anesthesiologist for making judgments on the effective anesthesia plan. 

Depending on the decision which is arrived after the analysis, the plan of anesthesia will be explained by the doctors to the patient. This makes the patient’s fear to fade out and their mind at ease.

Our team has successfully treated many patients regardless of age. In keeping with the mission of our hospital for providing healthcare at highest standards, we are maintaining a safety record via our commitment and teamwork.