Message of CMD

Welcome to Allexia- ‘state of the art hospital’ a proud manifestation of your hopes and aspirations. Transition in healthcare services has been fast paced, riding on the crest of technological innovations. Most of us are well aware of these medical advances but many patients are unable to avail them. This is due to four main reasons: Lack of facilities, Expensive treatment, Lack of skilled medical professionals and Loss of faith in the medical system due to technical or non technical reasons. This hospital will nullify these inadequacies.

In my opinion, the difference between an ordinary doctor and an extraordinary doctor is not just their difference of knowledge, which is about 20%, but it’s their attitude towards patient care that affects the final outcome up to 80%. At Allexia our doctors are sensitive & qualified enough to feel your pain.

Our focus is on maintaining high quality treatment, personalized care, easy accessibility & transparent service orientation. Though the list of such corporate hospitals in this state is not long, Allexia will provide high calibered talent with cutting edge technology at the lowest cost. Kidney transplant service will be started after getting government approval and this will be free of Medical charges.