Neurology And Neurosurgery

Allexia is the most popular Neurology Hospitals in India and has highly experienced Neurosurgeons. If you have a neurological issues, you must visit the hospital at least and sure you will visit again and again to get the best treatment.

In the Neurology Department, you will find Neurosurgeons specialized and choose the best one for your needs. We are renowned for our world-class amenities and affordable charge for Neurosurgery needs. It is something hurting for your loved ones that you have a neurological disease. Undoubtedly, seeking medical support and visiting a Neurologist doctor is the best way to get rid of a deep impact in your life! Not only for neurological diseases, but also Allexia is recognized for treating various disorders!

Power of skill, Experience & Technology!

Neurology and Neurosurgery team of experts at Allexia Hospital is committed to offering the best treatments for the individuals. Our hospital is highly specialized in treating diseases such as nerves, spinal cord, and brain. The institution takes out nearly more than 10,000 neurosurgeries yearly. Most importantly, our hospital is outfitted with the advanced and latest surgical equipment. With this, neurosurgeons carry out diagnostics properly and treat patients of all ages and disorders. Get ready to discuss with our experienced neurosurgeons online and make your appointment for your neurology needs. 

Our hospital offers comprehensive medical services for the treatment of neurological disorders and cares for patients’ health. Some of the institution’s facilities are specialist neurosurgery, Hyperacute Stroke Unit, neuro-rehabilitation unit, etc. The Neurology Department is well equipped with the latest equipment where neurological disorders tests have been conducted. The tests are carried out by aqualified lab technician. Additionally, the laboratory aids surgeons in assessing the patient’s reports with the utmost care in the parts like neck and lower back. Neurology lab tests help surgeons to locate the exact spot of the disease!!!

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