Orthopedic With Joint Replacement

Musculoskeletal conditions might affect people at any age and at any time. The good news is that people with traumatic injuries will gain the benefit from the expertise of our orthopedic surgeons. Alexia hospitalis offering such treatments to make people for leading productive and happier lives. Our orthopedic surgeons will keep our patients in motion!

Our trained and experienced surgeons help in treating the joint complications, which results from general joint diseases like arthritis and joint trauma. In case, if the non-surgical treatments do not show any result, our joint replacement surgery might eliminate the pain and restoring the motion range. 

Our joint replacement procedures

  • Total hip replacement – The major reason behind the chronic hip pain will be arthritis. If you are undergoing total hip replacement, it removes the diseased portion over the hip joint. It is replaced using the artificial hip called a prosthesis. Our joint specialist work along with our patients to utilize the best surgery. 
  • Total knee replacement – The major reason for knee pain is arthritis. Hence, this treatment will help you to get relief from such pain. The diseased portion on the knee is removed, and it is replaced using the new prosthesis. Our surgeon will take extreme care of our patients.

Signs in which you need joint replacement

  • If you feel any joint pain while doing any activity 
  • If you are having delayed pain in your joint after the activity is done 
  • If you are experiencing pain which interrupts your sleep 
  • If you feel stiffness on your knee joint which does not makes you sit over a period of time
  • If you have any swelling or inflammation in your knee joint 

So, in case if you are suffering from any of the symptoms mentioned above, then you have to make an appointment with orthopedic joint replacement surgeons at Alexia hospital.