Allexia is one of the most renowned hospitals for its vast imaging Radiology department. The entire radiology department is equipped with exclusive subdivisions that include MRI scans, Ultrasound, etc. To ensure the excellence and fineness of the equipment, lab technicians and consultants are here who can take care of the departments with the utmost care.

Among others, Radiology is one of the well-coordinated sectors in the hospital. The radiology department is operated with dedicated trained consultants. The radiology department is considered as the spotlight of the hospital and offers a facility to acquire world-class treatment on your budget price.   

Invasive Interventional Radiology Setup!

The radiology department will cater to emergency patients who cannot walk correctly and need urgent scanning to diagnose the problem!

  • The CT system of radiology outfitted with a multi-detector display screen that helps to acquire tomographic data precisely. 
  • The ultrasound sector of our hospital is one of the best subdivisions radiology setups. Our Ultrasound radiology department is equipped with the latest and Doppler machines. 
  • The department overloads nearly more than 150 patients for the radiology 
  • Echocardiography is carried out under the supervision of experienced radiologists to determine the live pictures of the heart. The images are captured in a device called an echocardiogram. With the help of the tests, radiologists will come to know the function of the heart, and the photos help surgeons to track the blood flow in the heart!
  • Cath Lab is a room which is equipped with a machine to diagnose the image of the heart’s arteries and chambers to treat stenosis defect in the heart. 
  • With the help of the above radiology department, surgeons predict accurate results and help you to treat you with the utmost care. If you want to visit the top radiologists in the city, arrive at Allexia, and sure you can meet your medical needs!!